Fleet Optimisation with BetterDriver™ – Managing Costs, Risk and Utilisation in Fleets

Managing fleets is complex, expensive, and risky. It requires all parts of the organisation to be involved including; Taxation, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Supervisors and drivers.  An now the new WH&S regime imposes a “proactive duty of care” and has extended an uninsurable personal liability to Officers and Directors involved or connected with Fleet Management.

So the time has arrived for organisations to get the right information to make their fleet low cost and low risk.

Using the BetterDriver™ System, organisations will have the data and the tools to develop a low cost, low risk fleet.  We take real-time telemetry data from your vehicles and deliver managers with the key insight to act upon.  For example, who are my most risky drivers and what change will reduce their risk?  What is my fleet’s utilisation and where can I make a change to make them more productive?  Can I improve my FBT liability?

Simple answers when you have an intuitive system that focuses on the outcome organisations are looking for rather than just collecting and reporting meaningless out of date data.

BetterDriver™ System will reduce capital costs, decrease operating costs, optimise FBT reporting and positively affect the risk profile of the fleet.

Shared Benefits – An Innovative Business Model

In a wide range of pilots and trials we have seen savings in FBT, utilisation, fuel, insurance claims and decreased capital deployment through reducing vehicle numbers.

We believe that the BetterDriver™ system should be available to every fleet regardless of size. Cost should never be a barrier to worker safety and driving is no different. Worker safety is our number one concern.

We work on a ‘shared benefits’ business model requiring no initial cost. This means we work in partnership with our clients and share the benefits rather than act as a vendor who ‘makes a sale and walks away’.

After establishing an agreed baseline cost we deploy at no charge a trial of 50 units to prove the savings and demonstrate the benefits. In doing so we take on the risk in the first phase.

Improve Safety

Reduce risky behaviour in fleet drivers by up to 73%.

Using the BetterDriver, the safety of employees can be significantly improved due to a sustained reduction in the incidence of risky driving behaviour across your fleet.  BetterDriver will transform your fleets driving culture by delivering;

  • Real Time Trip-by-Trip Analysis – The driver can see the harsh driving events immediately after the trip is completed allowing them to see where they can improve.
  • Online Safety Dashboard  – Easy to understand dashboard that enable unsafe driving behaviours to be understood and proactively managed.
  • Live safety Progress reporting – deliver an overall safety performance view at the macro level.
  • Systemic Risk Analysis – Understand where and when key risk events are occurring to remove any black spots that may be occurring across the group, but difficult to detect at an individual driver level.

Increase Productivity

Drivers save up to 10% with automated logbooks, time accountability and route optimisation. 

Using BetterDriver, you can quickly improve the driver productivity by;

  • Measuring and monitoring – Driving behaviours like idling, harsh braking, cornering, acceleration and speeding.
  • Improve driver accountability for time spent on the road, verify delivery times, arrival and departure times and verify hours worked.
  • Accountability for time – All trips can be viewed by hour across 24-hour cycle (driving time, excessive idling time, non driving time, location data).  We have a Class Ruling for the use of automated log books for FBT the BetterDriver™ Systems.
  • Review and optimise route – The data captured enables a supervisor to examine by driver the route, time of trip, time taken and distance travelled to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved. This enables companies to eliminate any extra distance, unnecessary deviations or stopping times and increase customer delivery or response levels.

Reduce Costs

Save up to 15% in fuel and 18% in maintenance costs. 

By incorporating our risk and performance benchmarks, each driver will understand what they should be achieving in terms of economical, safe driving.

  • Fuel Cost – By reducing the number of harsh driving events and excessive idling time per km, a significant improvement in fuel efficiency of up to 15% can be achieved.
  • Maintenance Costs – having a vehicle off the road represents the double cost of lost productivity and repairs. Using BetterDriver targets at risk drivers with immediate in car feedback and supervisory oversight.
  • Insurance Costs – BetterDriver is designed to reduce risky behaviours.  Over time, this means less crashes, less speeding tickets, and less claims to insurers. By making the transition to a high safety monitor culture for vehicles, premium reductions per vehicle can be improved and sustained.

Test drive today. Whether your requirements are improving driver safety, increasing productivity and/or reducing costs, the BetterDriver can make a significant difference with an innovative approach to sharing the benefits in partnership. Test drive us today and see the difference BetterDriver makes to your workplace.

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